Other Publications



“Love Charm” in Kenyon Review Online, 2018.

“The Transylvaniess” in Grimoire, 2017.

“Reports from the Village of C” in Pleiades, 2017.

“Children Left to Be Raised by Wolves” in Post Road, 2016.

“World’s Oldest Living Musician” in The Florida Review, 2014.

“Children in the Time of Dust” in The Fairy Tale Review, 2014.

“In the Amber Chamber'“ in The Literary Review, 2013.

“The Inn of the Former Rural Farm Workers” in Pinball, 2013.

“South 1144” in Fiction International, 2010.

“Edgewater” in Crab Orchard Review, 2009.

“The Poetess Writes Unanswered Letters” in Redivider, 2009.

“How the Romanians Ruined Christmas” in Chicago Quarterly Review, 2008.

“In the Pines” in Witness, 2007.

“The Moonshine Machine” in Jabberwock Review, 2007.

“International Woman’s Day” in Cream City Review, 2007.

“Old Maids” in Beloit Fiction Journal, 2006.

“Freedom of the Fields” in Blue Mesa Review, 2005.


“My Soviet Shadow” in Harpur Palate, Summer & Fall 2015. (This one is about my days appearing as a contestant on a Soviet game show of literary analysis. Proof this really happened and is not fiction.)

“Star/Poet/Director: Poetry and Image in Guru Dutt’s Pyaasa” in Verse, Voices, and Vision: Poetry and the Cinema, 2013. (This one is about my favorite Bollywood director.)

“Hyppää Järveen!” in Ecotone, Fall 2011. (This one is about the trouble one can get into at Finnish language camp.)

“Chișinău Calling” in Barrelhouse, 2008. (This one is about my favorite Moldovan rock band, Zdob si Zdub.)

Translations: Prose

“from The Same Way Every Day" by Gabriela Adamesteanu. Words Without Borders: The Online Magazine for International Literature, 2010.

"Ghetto” by Mircea Cartarescu. The Review of Contemporary Fiction, Writing from Postcommunist Romania Special Issue, 2010.

"from Provisional" by Gabriela Adamesteanu. Words Without Borders: The World Through the Eyes of Writers, New York: Anchor Books, 2007.

"Some Thoughts on Saul Bellow" by Norman Manea. Salmagundi, 2006.

L’Air du Temps” by Gabriela Adamesteanu. Days and Nights of Literature, 2004.

Translations: Poetry

“Cradle Song,” “Verbs,” and “To Be Yourself” by Ioana Ieronim.  Hoppenthaler’s Congeries, 2012.  

“Stamp (III)" by Vasile Garnet. The Literary Review, 2008.

"Spoiled Man" by Vasile Garnet. Poetry International, 2008.

"Peace" and “Secondary Character” by Ioana Ieronim. Beloit Poetry Journal, 2008.

Neume (II)" by Vasile Garnet. Rhino, 2008.

"Contemplating a Puddle" by Vasile Garnet. Circumference, 2007.

"Signs for the Initiated" by Vasile Garnet. Asheville Poetry Review, 2007.

"Melody of the Day I" and "Melody of the Day II" by Ioana Ieronim, Rhino, 2006.

"The Victor" by Ioana Ieronim. International Poetry Review, 2005.

"Winter" by Ioana Ieronim. The Literary Review, 2005.

"Metamorphosis" by Ioana Ieronim. Watchword, 2003.

"Astigmatism," "Black-and-White," "Nocturne I," and "Nocturne II" by Ioana Ieronim. Another Chicago Magazine, 2003.